Diabetes Documents Protocol

This protocol contains all the Documents on the Documents page.  Running the Protocol produces a menu from which you select the document you want to open.

Documents will need editing to add you surgery name and to alter any aspects which are specific to your practice.  Text highlighted in RED requires your attention.  You may use different codes in your area and so you will need to review the merged fields to ensure they work correctly.

Click the blue download box after clicking on this button and then "Save" 

Diabetes Alert Protocol

  • Provides alerts in the QOF box to show clearly which patients have diabetes and what type
  • On mouse over it shows latest Hba1c and Cholesterol results and the date they were taken
  • Alerts change depending on where people are in the annual review process - await invite/review due bloods needed/book 30 min nurse or 20 min HCA/Review complete
  • Filters patients into 30 min nurse or 20 min HCA appointments based on blood results and their medical record
  • Alerts used by receptionists to book the patient into the correct appointment type

I will make a version available for direct download which shows when patient's annual reviews are due based on the time since their last review.  Versions which make clinical decisions filtering patients into different appointments will not be available for direct download.  

Diabetes Annual Review Protocol

  • Run at annual review appointment
  • Contains various data entry templates for Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes
  • Loads correct care plan for patient
  • Loads a Qrisk2 template for appropriate patients
  • Loads an offer of statin document for appropriate patients
  • Quick links to various documents
  • Contains Start Metformin Protocol