***Feb 2023 update: Diet sheet available on Documents Page***


Welcome to PrimaryCareDiabetes.co.uk.   Being a GP with an interest in Diabetes and Computing I have developed resources to improve the care we offer our patients.  I presented the changes we have made to our annual recall process at a WISDOM Project Diabetes conference on 7/6/19.  You can see some of my slides here to get an idea of what my Template Documents and Protocols offer.  For an explaination of the system we run at our practice click on "Our Practice" in the menu.


PrimaryCareDiabetes.co.uk has been created to share the resources for you to use in your own practice.  Our practice uses EMIS Web and so the resources are available in EMIS format.  However, any documents are also available in word format so they could be turned into template documents in other clinical systems.

I am sharing document templates, which are best downloaded together by downloading the Diabetes Documents protocol, but also have various protocols which I have created.  I am not able to share my other protocols directly from this website as they make clincal decisions.  I do plan to make a less fully featured version of my alert protocol availble in the future.  To discuss if you could build a system like mine at your practice do contact me by email.

Dr Neil Moody-Jones

GP Partner Wistaria and Milford Surgeries

New Forest Primary Care Network


See it in Action

Alert Protocol

This is a video demonstration of the Alert Protocol we use at our practice.  This makes it easy to see wh has Diabetes and what type as well as a quick way to see recent results and where they are in the annual review process.

The protocol uses a filter to allocate patients to a nurse of HCA annual review based on their blood results and aspects of their medical record.

There is more detail on how this system works here. Unfortunately this protocol is not available to download.  It relies on various custom concepts which have to be kept up to date as new drugs come on the market. I'm happy to share how it is designed so you can build your own version.

Diabetes Documents Protocol

The Diabetes Documents Protocol is available to download here.  It is really just a way of sharing all 8 documents with you in one process rather than you having to download them individually.  The protocol provides a menu for navigating the documents.

At our practice we do not use this protocol but a much more complicated protocol which I will demonstrate in the next video.


On installing any document or protocol you take clinical responsibility for the content and/or actions.

You need to read the template documents and be happy with their content which may involve editing to fit local services.

You need to ensure any merged fields are working correctly within your clinical system.

You need to be happy that protocols are acting in ways which you are clinically satisfied with.

If you download anything I recommend contacting me using the email address (top right) so I can inform you of any updates.

If you would like to discuss building a system like mine at your practice - contact me by email.

Template Documents

Various documents are available in EMIS web or Word format.

These include:

  • Type 2 Diabetes Care Plan
  • Type 1 Diabetes Care Plan
  • Offer of Statin letter
  • Metformin start document
  • Example annual review invitation letters (coming soon)

You will need to edit the template documents to ensure the content matches services which are available in your area.

If you are an EMIS web user then you can download the Diabetes Documents protocol which will automatically install all the documents.  This is found in the Protocols Page. 

EMIS web Protocols

I have produced various protocols to help provide care for our patients with diabetes.  These include:

  • Alert protocol - provides visibility of diagnosis and where people are in the annual review process as well as filtering patients into 20min HCA or 30min nurse appointments depending on their medical records and blood results
  • Annual Review protocol - run at nurse or HCA appointment, contains new templates and loads appropriate care plans and other documents

Also available:

  • Start Metformin protocol
  • Pre-diabetes alert protocol
  • Gestational Diabetes alert protocol

For now there is a Diabetes Documents protocol which installs and launches all the template documents.  I plan to upload a version of my Alert protocol in the future.